Membership Levels


As a Subscriber of the BHWC, you'll receive invitations to some of the virtual events. You can choose which to attend, RSVP, and pay online. No discount on ticket prices. The Book Club and some fitness programs are free.


As a full Member of the BHWC, you'll receive invitations to all the club's activities. Most virtual events are free or have discounted ticket prices. You'll also receive invitations to exclusive members-only, upscale virtual events. We're optimistic we'll be able to reopen soon and you'll receive invitations to all our club-sponsored events both at our historic facility and our many off-site, docent-led tours, as well as invitations to group travel opportunities. Past adventures include Africa, Cuba, Italy, and other destinations. 

Patron Member

As a Patron Member of the BHWC, you will receive all the benefits of the membership level with more free events, and other exclusive invitations to events and off-sites. You'll be honored with fellow Patron Members at the Annual Patron's Luncheon, and given recognition for your valued contribution to the philanthropic endeavors of the BHWC.

Membership Benefits

In addition to the philanthropic endeavors of the BHWC, you'll enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of fellow members through supported activities that strengthen the bond of community spirit.

Our virtual programs:

  • Private Collections - This is a unique opportunity to see the architecture, design, art, and antiques of private collections. Collectors share their passion and the great stories behind their thought process of acquiring their treasurers.

  • Virtual Gatherings - Book Club, author's presentations, discussion groups, interactive cooking demonstrations, art history, gardening tips, technology, photography, and others. Health and wellness classes that explore the science behind how breathwork, exercise, cold exposure, the gut microbiome, diets, and lifestyle choices affect your overall health. 

When we're able to gather again, the BHWC sponsors several monthly events.

  • On-site - Concerts, theatrical productions, luncheons with famed speakers, cocktail receptions with prestigious organizations, parties, fashion shows, discussion groups, book clubs, and numerous workshops and classes. 

  • Off-site - The BHWC organizes off-site group events, private docent-led tours, themed dinner parties, and most fun, travel groups to great adventures abroad - Africa, Cuba, Italy, and other destinations.

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