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Philanthropy at the BHWC

Giving Back Creates Community

The BHWC supports many non-profits through the generous donations and tireless work of its members. From an old-fashioned pancake breakfast to collecting goods, to a blood donation center, to raising funds and awareness, the BHWC finds a multitude of ways to support the community's needs. 

At the core of the BHWC are the historic facility's stewardship and preservation for the use and enjoyment of generations to come. The BHWC utilizes the Clubhouse facility to showcase non-profits with co-sponsored events to raise awareness for their cause.

The BHWC members support the cultural arts by organizing trips to many area non-profits, museums, conservatorship, and stewards of other facilities by organizing group events, attending lectures, off-sites, and tours of these area institutions. ​

The BHWC finds creative ways to give back, support, and strengthen our community. On this page are just a few of the charitable organizations the BHWC has supported over the years and we continue to do what we can where we can. 




Thank you for your support.

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Boys and Girls Club
Women's Center

For Kids

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