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Our Mission

Founded in 1916, the BHWC supports the advancement of social, cultural, educational, and philanthropic endeavors.

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Giving Back Creates Community

Through the generous donations and tireless work of its members, the BHWC supports many non-profits and charitable organizations. Please help us build a stronger community and donate to our cause.

Donors Recognition Corner

Patron Members

Sherryl Brachman     

Leslie Minniti              

Claudia Deutsch        

Sue Rosenwasser      

Tania Ferris                

Jennifer Walske                   

Sharon Messer        

Christina Lutrull

Barbara Marcus  

Antonella Carlevaro Rossi

Madeleine Schulsinger

Jane Dorian

Jacqueline Burdorf

Mary Levin-Cutler

Kathryn Checchi

Gitanjali Pathak

Founder Members

Hollis Leech

Sally Pai Unruh

Marceile (Marcy) Miller

Andrea Alberini

Cindy Leuty Jones

Holiday Hero

Donated Outfits to the 

Boys and Girls Club

Chandrika Kalyani

Stephanie Steinhafel

Gitanjali Pathak

Denise Bennett

Tania Ferris

Barbara Barielle

Marcy Miller

Leslie Minniti

Christine Gregory

Lesley Turner

Sandy Herz

Gail Jackson

Dolores Keshtkar Cindy Jones

Antonella Rossi

Jill Davis

Marjorie Bender

Janet Stefandl

Cathy Knight